Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the next big small brand

Hi friends! we've just discovered that we're finalists in a competition!
no big deal...

Which means we'll be in NEW YORK (!) for three days (!!!) We don't expect to have much free time, but we look forward to flying around the city eating (and maybe drinking) the most that we can! So... Any suggestions? Where should we go?
more on this to come.

black jet bakers!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

what a year (2011 edition)

What a year we've had! So much has happened that its taken us a whole month to wrap our heads around 2011!

We started the year with a fistful of new clients, worked on our (first) new logo,

set up our new webpage, introduced about a million new products, made a wedding cake,

made another, and then two more...

and that was just in six months!

And then the call from our friends over at the San Francisco Ferry Building came and we began gearing up to open our first retail space! We ordered a refrigerated pastry case, built the wooden box we were given into a home,

got our (second) new logo made,

had a sign hand painted,

developed a slew of (new) new products,

and hired a crew both for the kitchen and the shop!

And then it was thanksgiving. We SHIPPED pies across the country and sold hundreds here in our own town!

(The Flyer for the 2011 pie sale, made by Ashley at Operator)

Wall street journal hit and we spent a week making and shipping PoPs, broke personal records in every way possible (baked 800 PoPs in a day), and developed a close relationship with the guys at our local fedex!

And the best part is, we had fun doing it!
We could not be more thrilled with the way things have gone over the past year and we're so excited for all we've got coming up in the next year. Cant wait to tell you about it!

And quickly a special thanks to all the help love and support we've received! (Big-Bill-Dave, the Newmans, the Shaw clan, and many more.) We couldn't have done it without you.

(SABLE! Paige Green photography)

thanks juani!

Our lovely friend Juanita More (maven of San Francisco nightlife, foodie/chef extraordinaire, and an all around do-gooder to boot) did a super sweet post about Max! CHECK IT OUT!

Photo of Juanita in her closet (1996) by the lovely Dan Nicoletta
Did we mention that she was a fashionista too?