Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the next big small brand

Hi friends! we've just discovered that we're finalists in a competition!
no big deal...

Which means we'll be in NEW YORK (!) for three days (!!!) We don't expect to have much free time, but we look forward to flying around the city eating (and maybe drinking) the most that we can! So... Any suggestions? Where should we go?
more on this to come.

black jet bakers!


  1. speaking of comments, the contest was posted on FB by cousin Carroll Newman...turns out Max and I are also some-how-cousins a bit removed...and now here it is all late in the Berkshires, and I want to eat everything you make. No fair!

  2. Just discovered your bakery through Flipbord with your video for the ' Next big small brand' competition

    Your baked goods are to drool over,even without tasting them!! Would fly over just to try those poptarts tings ( i'm from Belgium, we don't have those things!)

    Tips for New York or is it to late?
    Or save em for next time...
    Cafe Gitane
    Bakeri in Brooklyn
    Marlows and Sons
    Diner 85
    La Esquina
    Saturdays Surf for a coffee on their patio!

    Can you make a cookbook, or post a recipe on your blog? Pretty please.... just for the ones who can't make it to San Fransisco...